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Advantages of using pneumatic tools

It does not use electricity and has strong adaptability to the environment. It can be used in explosive, corrosive, high temperature and humid working environments and is safe to use;
It can be used continuously for a long time without overheating and causing the motor to burn out;
When overloaded, the air motor will stop without causing the motor to burn out;
Simple structure, sturdy and durable, and relatively easy to maintain;
Large output torque, light weight and high efficiency;
Stepless speed regulation can be achieved by adjusting the air intake air volume;
The air is easy to obtain and the working pressure is low, and the used air can be discharged on the spot without the need for recycling pipes;
The viscosity of the gas is small and the flow resistance loss is small, which is convenient for centralized gas supply and long-distance transportation
The scope of application of the pen type engraving machine

1. Die polishing and grinding
2. Lighting, Poly resin crafts trimming and shaping
3. Die casting to remove flash and trim burrs
4. Bamboo wood stone carving

Use with the following consumables
1. Grinding wheel with handle
2. Diamond grinding rod
3. Tungsten steel hob sharpener
4. Sponge polishing wheel
5. Cowhide polishing wheel
6. Rubber polishing wheel
7. Wool polishing wheel
8. Grinding wheel with handle

Video on the use and maintenance of pneumatic die-cutting machine

KINSHUN Jinshun Pneumatic KIN-UTR Pneumatic Turbo Ultrasonic (TurboLap) ターボラップ Maintenance Video

Differences between patented wrench and old-fashioned wrench

In-house production video

Torque difference between traditional machine and new generation machine

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